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Year to remember....or forget

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Hey all,

just wanted to put together a few notes to get us to the end of year.

First of all I know this all sucks, I have lost more sleep and grown more grey hairs this year than I care to count. Stay positive I see light around the corner and want you all here when the dust settles. ok, new business:

Patio cover:

Its been a frustrating project but we will have a covered front patio soon. Little did I know the American made panels I ordered were assembled in India and shipped to the US for finishing. Due to supply shortage and covid restrictions the overseas factory is under staffed. Ron and I have a temporary solution we will put in place next week.

Staff Shirt fund raiser:

ok for now we have 55 shirts, if we sell each shirt that will give each of you $200 at the end of the month. I will put the marketing into play today. Shirts are going on display today.

Other Merch

Hoodies, zip ups and hats also go on sale today. You guys can get any of these items at cost. 1 item per person.

Tamales launch date 12/16

Tamales for the holiday go on sale today. Flavors are: Pork chile rojo and bean cheese and jalapeño. Available two different ways:

1-As a special, served hot with rice and beans topped with tampiquena, pico, crema and queso. *On a side note starting this week on the specials menu: crab enchiladas, and pozole till end of year.

2-You can get them for "heat and serve" in 6 or 12 in vacuum packed bag includes taqueria salsas

Holiday Party Packs for 3-4 launch date 12/17

Fiesta Pack: available till jan 1 $69.99

Choice of :Carne asada family dinner or crab enchilada family dinner,

Choice of drink kits:

  • Spiced cranberry irish mule with jameson-includes jameson glassware while supplies last.

  • Tito's pomegranate drop- lime, rosemary syrup, pom juice.

  • Small margarita pitcher

*all items available ala carte*

NYE Party Pack for 4: $29.99 Available 12/30 (pre-order starts 12/26)

Choice of drink kit (See above) or small marg pitcher

1 bottle of sigueras spanish cava

box of party favors and noise makers

add a family dinner: carne asada, fajita or enchilada for $30

add crab enchiladas family dinner $35

Ok most of this is still fluid at the time of publishing. All of it is subject to change.

Hang in there guys we got this.

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